biolitec® in Coloproctology

Minimally invasive laser therapy of anal fistula


The FiLaC® method by biolitec®


With the FiLaC® laser therapy, a new, particularly flexible laser fiber is introduced directly into the fistula tract and the fistula tissue is radiated radially from the inside. The light energy of the laser thus gently destroys the inflamed glandular tissue.


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The laser probe is slowly pulled back step by step like a zipper, and the fistula is being closed. The highly flexible probe is suitable for the application even in wound tracts and can be applied independently from the length of the fistula tract. The fistula tract collapses. This means that the fistula does not have to be removed by the surgeon during a major operation. The treatment is almost painless and convalescence noticeably shorter than with conventional surgical procedures.


The laser treatment takes only a few minutes and provides the possibility to completely spare the enucleation of the fistula out of the healthy tissue.